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Fully Automated!
Fully Automated  Balance sheet
 Actual PNL
 Trial Balance
 Bank Statement
 Cash Register
 Petty Cash Book
 Intergrate all departments and functions across
a company in to a single computer system
                           Flexibility                    Scalability                    Reusability
Enterprise Resource Planning System

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Intergrate all departments and functions across a company in to a single computer system

  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides a broad range of capabilities to support all critical back office functions with features for manufacturing, supply chain management, human resources, financial management, customer relationship management and more. ERP software can improve core operations across an entire business.
Enterprise Resource Planning System
  ERP Modules
Financial Management
   General ledger
 Fixed asset
 Cash management
 Financial consolidation


Management Accounting
 Cost management
 Activity based costing


Human Resource Management
 Diversity management
Manufacturing Resource
 Bill of materials
 Work orders
 Workflow management
 Quality control
 Manufacturing process
 Manufacturing projects
 Manufacturing flow
 Product life cycle management


Supply Chain Management
   Supply chain planning
 Supplier scheduling
 Order to cash
 Product configurator
 Claim processing
Project Management
   Project planning
 Resource planning
 Project costing
 Work break down structure
 Time and expense
 Performance units
 Activity management


Customer Relationship
   Sales and marketing
 Customer contact
 Call center support
  All modules and reports are fully customizable as per the requirements
 Point of Sales System



smart plus
  Key Features
  •  Analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell and adjust purchasing levels accordingly
  •  Maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends
  •  Improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar code scanner with the POS system
  •  Easily record sales transctions
  •  Print receipts for customers
  •  Manage product pricing and discounts
  •  Stock & sales are handling as credit/debit entries & therefore standards are secured
  Flexible Enough for Any Retail Store!
 Bar coding and manual item coding
 Quick search facilities for item searching
 Item wise discounts & bill wise discounts
   (percentage or an amount)
 Various payment methods per bill(cash, credit,
   credit card, cheque, gift vouchers, etc.)
 Suspend/resume bills
 Cancel or return bills
 Customer orders
 Advance payments
 Delivery system
 Cash IN/OUT facilities
 Brief or detailed bill printing can be selected
 Real time gift voucher validation,sale & discard
 Easy to use multi-pricing system
 Cashier wise shift start & end
 Accurate brief sales reports
 Access restrictions by user rights
 Simplified & interactive graphical user interfaces


Vehicle Sales
   Vechicle loading
 Vehicle unloading
 Vehicle sales
   Auto update the stock according to sales & gate
 Create items, departments, categories, sub-
   categories, etc.
 Automated id generation for all identifications
 Purchase orders
 Supplier wise GRN
 Add gate pass
 Damage notes
 Supplier returns
 Rack wise stock
 Ability to filter out inactive item codes from the
   running memory


   Credit bill settling & credit notes
 Daily expenses
 Cash book and petty cash handling
 Cash transfer
 Supplier payments & debit notes


Cheque System
   Cheques in hand
 Available cheques
 Written cheques
 Forecasting reports
 PD function
   Invoice reports
 Stock reports
 Sales analysis reports
 Stock analysis reports
 Customer list
 Supplier list
 Customer outstanding
 Supplier outstanding
 Payment details
 Creditors statements
 Operational PNL
 Item wise PNL
 Ageing analysis
     By customer
     By supplier
 Reorder levels can be set &
   automated reorder generation
 Various reports of data
   analysis,charts,textual, etc.
 Reports can be created on the
   request of the client


 Automated Accounts
Cyclomax Andees handles financial operations in a simplest way.
Managing your general ledger, your payables
& receivables, ageing, have all become an easy task. No more
complications, no more forgotten collections or payments. Your
accounting department will have a better harmony.
automated accounts
 Real Time Balance Sheet
 Trial Balance and Budgeting
 Actual PNL
 Bank Statements
   General Ledger


The General Ledger, sometimes known as Nominal Ledger is where your business starts and where your accounting entries are born. In Cyclomax Andees, it is the core of your company’s financial records and constitutes the central books of your system where every transaction flows through the general ledger. These records remain as a permanent track to trace all financial transactions since the establishment of your company.
 Handles multiple companies/entities…
 Supports multiple currencies
 Cloning of journal vouchers for recurring entries
 Automatic posting for transactions
 Automatic reverse of entries
 Allows account numbers for unlimited levels with 15 digits each
 Payment entries for cash, banks and credit cards transactions
 Cheques management system (Deposit cheques and bounced in bank)
 Receipt entries with unlimited numbers of predefined payment modes including cash, banks and credit cards transactions
 Statement of Account in foreign currencies and at the same time to base currencies
 Manages difference of exchange
 Manages end of year closing
 Manages unlimited accounting period and history
 Manages reconcilement
 Manages ageing
 Manages taxes (VAT)
 Reports:Trial Balance, Ageing, Statement of Account, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss…
 Audit trails at the level of all actions
    cost accounting
   Cost Accounting
   Dynamic Charts of Accounts
   Statement of Accounts
   Bank Reconciliation
   Accounts Payable


Cyclomax Andees manages payables in your company for a better cash flow control. Upon receiving an invoice, the operator has possibility to schedule the settlements into an agenda. The system will automatically retrieve the due payments in the ageing report and will allow partial or full payments with update of the agenda.
   Define supplier terms per transaction
 List pending payments
 Schedule payments
 Settle partially or completely suppliers invoices or pending payments
 Hold or postpones payment on selected invoices
 Analyze your payables
 Set default rules for payables per supplier(debit ceiling, terms of payment....)
 Define purchases on accounts
 Track purchase invoices until settlement
 Post automatically purchases into the accounts
 First In First Out or manual methods
 Handle debit notes/credit notes
 Allow multiple payment types on the same document (bills, bank transfers,cheques)
 Instant access to the statement of account of each supplier
 Consolidate payables and receivables for each contact file
accounts Payable
   Accounts Receivable


Cyclomax Andees manages all receivables from customers and other parties. It generates ageing reports by tracking the receivables by due dates. It includes an agenda that handles all receivable scheduling and cheque printouts. For each contact, you will be able to retrieve the due collection and allow partial or full payments and update the agenda.
   Define payment terms depending on the customer
 Select unusual invoices per customer
 Manage your cash flow
 Detailed history per customer
 Analyze your sales turn over
 Define rules of receivables per customer(credit ceiling, terms of payment....)
 Manage endorsements and bank deposits
 Track bank return and unpaid notes
 Instant access to the statement of account of each client
 Track sales invoice untill its full collection
 Post automatically sales into the accounts
 First In First Out or manual method
 Handle debit notes/credit notes
 Handle receipt vouchers
 Ageing reports
accounts receivable
 HR & Payroll Management System
fingerprint identification Fingerprint identification
based Time and Attendance system
HR & payroll management system
Fingerprint Attendance system is basically the most secure way to mark a persons attendance as there is no body
punching (proxy attendence). This ensures that the attendence of every person is accurate
and no body cheats. These are stand alone systems with TCP/IP enabled.
  Key Features
 Fingerprint identification based attendance for your employee tracking
  •  Highly intuitive setup wizard that will get you up and running quickly
  •  User friendly appearance requires less time to get you educated for the software
  •  Flexible shift timing can be defined with allowed grace time for late coming and early going. Also supports multiple breaks with a configurable lunch break
  •  Weekly off (e.g. Sunday) and a weekly half-day (e.g. Saturday) with specific timings can be easily defined
  •  Supports shift rotation. Consorted with a report that displays shift roaster of employees for selected dates
  •  Easy configurations of company holidays
  •  Limited Leave quota management, that allows to assign Leave days quota to employees. Consorted with “Leave Balance” report to track balance leave days of
  •  “Scheduler”- a module to automate the execution of predetermined instructions such as data collection and processing it at certain
  HR & Payroll Management Module
   Add/Edit division wise employees
 Add/Edit employee details
 Salary setup
 Shift time setup
 Set OT rates
 Set OT tolerance
 Set late deductions
   OT and Attendance capturing and approval process
 Monthly salary, overtime (OT)/late deduction processing and posting to payable accounts
 Loan master files and 3rd party loans
 EPF/ETF calculations and posting to payable accounts
 Salary increments, deductions & bonus calculations
 Salary slip generation
   Employee details
 Pay slip reports
 Loan outstanding statements
   Attendance register
 Consolidated salary statement
 Standardized EPF/ETF transfer sheets (C-Form)
   Standardized salary bank transfer sheets
 Signature forms
  All features and reports are fully customizable as per the requirements
 Recruitment Agency Management System
  recruitment agency management system
   Manage Applicants
 Application/ H-Form Generation
 Letter Generation
 Manage Agents
 Manage Accounts
Employee Registration
   Personal details of applicants
 Other details of applicants
 Passport details
 Language skills of applicants
 Working experience
 Adding photos passport size and post card size
 Employee application generation
 H-Form generation
 Automated letter generation


Employee Details
   Sponsor details
 Visa details
 Foreign agents
 Sub agents
 Ticket details
Sub Agents
   Add sub agents
 Sub agent wise applicant registration


Quick Search Option
   Passport number
 Registration number
 NIC number


   Foreign agent payments
 Sub agent payments and outstanding
 Employee/office expenses
 Passenger Expenses (Passport, Photos, Medical, etc)
 Cash book
 Petty cash book
 Ticketing office payments and outstanding
   Employee registration report
 Sub agent wise employee report
 Employment details report
 Forwarded Employees
 Foreign agent wise employees
 User wise registration details
 Expenses reports
 Bank statements
 Sub agent payment statements
 Foreign agent payment statements
 Ticketing office payment statements
 Passenger wise PNL report
Foreign Agents
   Add foreign agents
 Transfer applicants to foreign agents
   Application status alert (if the application haven’t sent after 3 days)
 Visa status alert – Alert if visa didn’t receive after 15days
 Alert after 2 years from the departure of an applicant
  Note:Reports can be generated on clients’request
  All above features can be customized on clients’ requirements
 Hotel Management System
"Our solutions are the perfect
match for your business needs"
hotel management system
   Availability status
 Room booking
 Function/Event booking
 Booking chart


Front Office
   Advance payments
 Automated bill generation for rooms,tables and hotel reservations


Inventory Controller
   GRN (Goods Receive Note)
 Create menu items
 Define materials for menu ingredients


Steward Panel
   Send KOT/BOT for rooms, tables and take away
   Room summery
 Restaurant summery
 Hotel summery
 Guest registry
 KOT/BOT reports
 Stock analysis reports
 Sales analysis reports
 Cashier wise sales reports
 Invoice reports (Restaurant, Room and Function)
 Stock count reports
 Reorder levels can be set & automated reorder generation
 Various reports of data analysis, charts, textual, etc.
 Creditors statements
 Credit notes
 Over 50 standard reports
  hotel management system
Note: Reports can be generated on clients’ request  
 Other Products
  other products
Your business made better
with our proven custom database
software development process
  Hire Purchasing Module
    Comprehensive Hire Purchase, Loan, Deposit and Accounts Management for your auto loan
     finance business
  Full information is kept on every loan giving you easy access on all enquiries. Information
     includes client and guarantors, as well as current status, payment schedule and transactions
  All information is easily accessed and clearly presented
  Language skills of applicants
  HP Receipts
  Penalty interest can be calculated on overdue Loans
   Advanced search provision to find the HP customer quickly
   Customer history and party summary report will allow you to analyze the party loan status
   Comprehensive,flexible and user-friendly reports, export to excel and PDF format also.
   Multiple deposit types and payment options
   Automatic letter generation for overdue payments
 Calculate Interests
 Payment Schedules
 Letter Generation
 HP Payments and HP Liability
 Comprehensive Forecasting
  Hospital Management System   Pharmacy Management System
hospital management system A smart software for hospitals and health care organizations which is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single efficient system. It is a windows based software and all its functions can be accessed within a network.
pharmacy management system Pharmacy Management Software is a Platform Independent powerful retail management program. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory while presenting an easy and professional customer checkout. It is a great solution for both the sales counter.
  Filling Station Information System   School Management System
filling station information system The task of the Filling Station Information System is to perform the duties of the filling station. Among others, it shall provide the sale of fuels and shop products for the customers through a POS terminal. The system is suitable for controlling of other elements required for the operation of the filling stations. The POS transactions are processed by a back office computer, keeping stock accounting, taking the inventory of the shop articles.
school management system School Management System delivers fee payment, registration and data management tools for schools. This system help improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with managing school registration, budgeting, fund accounting, fundraising,after-school care, and more. School Management solution streamlines school registration with automatic back-office administration, facilities, student data, school accounting and enables educational institutions to focus on teaching and enriching the lives of students. Automated payment processing has brought huge savings for schools and it has freed up their staff to do other tasks.
  Mobile Applications
  Android, Web OS, IS.....
By summoning up the computerized business operations, now it has arrived to your finger tips via mobiles.
Technicians of Cyclomax are strong enough to empower you to handle all your business operations from your living place.
To fulfill all the business operations like payments of the workers (mobile payrolls), cheque payments (Cheque systems) etc., check whether your employees move to exact places as you decide (location tracking), Issue bills to customers via mobile etc., contact the mobile apps division of Cyclomax.
mobile applications
Management Information System(MIS) Manufacture ERP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 Management Information System(MIS)  Manufacture ERP  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Online Trading ERP Lead Management E-Commerce Package Time Office with Fingerprint
 Online Trading ERP  Lead Management  E-Commerce Package  Time Office with Fingerprint
Recruitment Agencies Management Hospital Management Inventory Management Production Planning
 Recruitment Agencies Management  Hospital Management  Inventory Management  Production Planning
School AutomationSchool Automation Filling & Service Station Management Pharmacy Management Hotel Management
 School Automation  Filling & Service Station Management  Pharmacy Management  Hotel Management