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Showcasing Our Contributions to Public Sector Innovations

Showcasing Our Contributions to Public Sector Innovations

Discover how Cyclomax International transforms public services with cutting-edge technology, trusted by government institutions for over a decade.

Revolutionizing Public Sector Operations with Cyclomax

Established in 2009, Cyclomax International has been at the forefront of revolutionizing public sector operations through innovative digital solutions. Specializing in open-source technologies and large-scale cloud architecture, we are renowned for our agility, reliability, and ability to handle complex projects with precision. Trusted by local government bodies and international organizations like JICA, our projects enhance efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. Our commitment extends beyond implementation; we empower clients with comprehensive training, national-level seminars, and ongoing support, ensuring optimal integration and use of our solutions. Cyclomax International is dedicated to setting new benchmarks in public sector digital transformation, driving impactful change with every project.



Projects involving the implementation of advanced digital solutions for government institutions. Since its inception, Cyclomax has significantly contributed to national-level projects, collaborating closely with public sector institutions to revolutionize public services, dramatically enhance operational efficiency, and foster unparalleled transparency, paving the way for a smarter and more responsive government.


Projects involving the implementation of digital solutions for government institutions. These initiatives aim to modernize public services, enhance operational efficiency, and promote transparency.

Sri Lanka National Water Board Digital Transformation Project by Cyclomax and JICA

Cyclomax International, in collaboration with JICA, led the groundbreaking digital transformation project for the Sri Lanka National Water Board. This national-scale initiative involved the implementation of an advanced Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve service delivery. The project not only optimized document management but also resulted in significant operational cost savings and increased transparency across the board. This transformative effort showcases Cyclomax’s expertise in delivering large-scale, impactful digital solutions for government institutions.

Digital Software Harbor Program for Ceylon Fishery Harbors Corporation (CFHC)

Cyclomax International spearheaded the Digital Software Harbor Program for the Ceylon Fishery Harbour Corporation (CFHC), revolutionizing harbor operations and management. This comprehensive software solution, the first of its kind in a public sector institution, provided real-time visibility into daily transactions and activities across all twenty harbors. The project, which included extensive staff training and support from Mobitel, significantly improved operational efficiency and recorded a profit increase of 7 million within the first three months. This initiative highlights Cyclomax’s capability to deliver large-scale digital solutions that drive substantial public sector improvements.


Projects aimed at enhancing healthcare services through technology. These solutions facilitate better communication, data management, and service delivery in the healthcare sector.

Department of Health Services, North Western Province (NWP) - Inter-Branch Connectivity and Public Website Development

Cyclomax International pioneered the Inter-Branch Connectivity and Public Website Development project for the Department of Health Services, North Western Province (NWP). Launched in 2014, this open-source initiative connects healthcare institutes internally and enhances public communication through The platform supports English, Sinhala, and Tamil, ensuring inclusive access and effective information dissemination. Cyclomax’s comprehensive solution empowers the NWP health sector with advanced technology, promoting efficient service delivery and community engagement.


Projects focusing on engineering consultancy and infrastructure development. These efforts are designed to support the construction, maintenance, and operational efficiency of public infrastructure.

Construction and Machinery Authority of the North Western Provincial Council ERP System by Cyclomax International

Cyclomax International introduced a transformative ERP system for the Construction and Machinery Authority of the North Western Provincial Council (NWPC). This project, completed in 2016, modernized HRM, finance, accounts, business operations, and vehicle repair workshop management. The system includes a specialized module for vehicle hiring, offering options with or without drivers, catering specifically to construction-related vehicles like JCBs and backhoes. Cyclomax’s solution has optimized operational workflows, enhanced financial transparency, and improved overall efficiency, supporting NWPC’s mandate to facilitate construction projects and machinery management effectively across the province.

Provincial Director’s (Mechanical) Office - Uva ERP System: Enhancing Efficiency and Management with Cyclomax International

Discover how Cyclomax International transformed the Provincial Director’s (Mechanical) Office in Uva with an advanced ERP system. This solution optimizes operations, from project management to resource allocation, ensuring seamless functionality and improved service delivery.

Development Construction and Machinery Agency - Anuradhapura: Innovating Government Operations with Cyclomax International's ERP Implementation

Discover how Cyclomax International’s ERP implementation revolutionized operations at the Development Construction and Machinery Agency in Anuradhapura. This comprehensive solution streamlined vehicle repair management, optimized printing services, enhanced security operations, and facilitated government construction projects, marking a significant milestone in operational efficiency and service delivery excellence.

North Western Province Engineering Department: Enhancing Efficiency with Cyclomax International’s Open-Source Solution

Explore how Cyclomax International’s open-source solution transformed the North Western Province Engineering Department’s operations. This innovative project automated supplier registration, streamlined procurement processes, and managed project awards. The solution included comprehensive website design and system integration, significantly improving efficiency and transparency in government engineering operations.


Projects related to agricultural productivity and natural resource management. These initiatives aim to promote sustainable practices and optimize resource utilization.

Sri Lanka Agriculture Department's Agri-Fresh Project: Empowering Organic Farming with Cyclomax International's Innovative Solutions

Explore how Cyclomax International’s contribution to the Agri-Fresh Project transformed Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector. Our tailored solutions facilitated the establishment and management of organic product outlets across the island, empowering farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Natural Resources Management Centre's Crop Suitability Recommendation Project: Cyclomax International's Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture

Explore Cyclomax International’s collaboration with the Natural Resources Management Centre (NRMC) on the Crop Suitability Recommendation portal. This initiative empowers Sri Lankan farmers with data-driven insights for optimal crop selection and sustainable agricultural practices.