HR & Payroll Management System

Fingerprint identification based Time and Attendance system

Fingerprint Attendance system is basically the most secure way to mark a persons attendance as there is no body punching (proxy attendence). This ensures that the attendence of every person is accurate and no body cheats. These are stand alone systems with TCP/IP enabled.


Key Features

human resource management system including finger print identification employee attendance tracking
Fingerprint identification based attendance for your employee tracking

  • Highly intuitive setup wizard that will get you up and running quickly
  • User friendly appearance requires less time to get you educated for the software
  • Flexible shift timing can be defined with allowed grace time for late coming and early going. Also supports multiple breaks with a configurable lunch break
  • Weekly off (e.g. Sunday) and a weekly half-day (e.g. Saturday) with specific timings can be easily defined
  • Supports shift rotation. Consorted with a report that displays shift roaster of employees for selected dates
  • Easy configurations of company holidays
  • Limited Leave quota management, that allows to assign Leave days quota to employees. Consorted with "Leave Balance" report to track balance leave days of employees
  • "Scheduler"- a module to automate the execution of predetermined instructions such as data collection and processing it at certain

HR & Payroll Management Module

  • Add/Edit division wise employees
  • Add/Edit employee details
  • Salary setup
  • Allowances
  • Bonuses
  • Shift time setup
  • Set OT rates
  • Set OT tolerance
  • Set late deductions
  • OT and Attendance capturing and approval process
  • Monthly salary, overtime (OT)/late deduction processing and posting to payable accounts
  • Loan master files and 3rd party loans
  • EPF/ETF calculations and posting to payable accounts
  • Salary increments, deductions & bonus calculations
  • Salary slip generation
  • Leaves
  • Employee details
  • Pay slip reports
  • Loan outstanding statements
  • Attendance register
  • Consolidated salary statement
  • Standardized EPF/ETF transfer sheets (C-Form)
  • Standardized salary bank transfer sheets
  • Signature forms
  * All features and reports are fully customizable as per the requirements