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The General Ledger, sometimes known as Nominal Ledger is where your business starts and where your accounting entries are born. In Cyclomax Andees, it is the core of your company’s financial records and constitutes the central books of your system where every transaction flows through the general ledger. These records remain as a permanent track to trace all financial transactions since the establishment of your company.

  • Handles multiple companies/entities…
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Cloning of journal vouchers for recurring entries
  • Automatic posting for transactions
  • Automatic reverse of entries
  • Allows account numbers for unlimited levels with 15 digits each
  • Payment entries for cash, banks and credit cards transactions
  • Cheques management system (Deposit cheques and bounced in bank)
  • Receipt entries with unlimited numbers of predefined payment modes including cash, banks and credit cards transactions
  • Statement of Account in foreign currencies and at the same time to base currencies
  • Manages difference of exchange
  • Manages end of year closing
  • Manages unlimited accounting period and history
  • Manages reconcilement
  • Manages ageing
  • Manages taxes (VAT)
  • Reports:Trial Balance, Ageing, Statement of Account, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss…
  • Audit trails at the level of all actions







Cyclomax Andees manages payables in your company for a better cash flow control. Upon receiving an invoice, the operator has possibility to schedule the settlements into an agenda. The system will automatically retrieve the due payments in the ageing report and will allow partial or full payments with update of the agenda.

  • Define supplier terms per transaction
  • List pending payments
  • Schedule payments
  • Settle partially or completely suppliers invoices or pending payments
  • Hold or postpones payment on selected invoices
  • Analyze your payables
  • Set default rules for payables per supplier(debit ceiling, terms of payment….)
  • Define purchases on accounts
  • Track purchase invoices until settlement
  • Post automatically purchases into the accounts
  • First In First Out or manual methods
  • Handle debit notes/credit notes
  • Allow multiple payment types on the same document (bills, bank transfers, cheques)
  • Instant access to the statement of account of each supplier
  • Consolidate payables and receivables for each contact file


Cyclomax Andees manages all receivables from customers and other parties. It generates ageing reports by tracking the receivables by due dates. It includes an agenda that handles all receivable scheduling and cheque printouts. For each contact, you will be able to retrieve the due collection and allow partial or full payments and update the agenda.

  • Define payment terms depending on the customer
  • Select unusual invoices per customer
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Detailed history per customer
  • Analyze your sales turn over
  • Define rules of receivables per customer(credit ceiling, terms of payment….)
  • Manage endorsements and bank deposits
  • Track bank return and unpaid notes
  • Instant access to the statement of account of each client
  • Track sales invoice until its full collection
  • Post automatically sales into the accounts
  • First In First Out or manual method
  • Handle debit notes/credit notes
  • Handle receipt vouchers
  • Ageing reports