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  • Analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell and adjust purchasing levels accordingly
  • Maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends
  • Improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar code scanner with the POS system
  • Easily record sales transactions
  • Print receipts for customers
  • Manage product pricing and discounts
  • Stock & sales are handling as credit/debit entries & therefore standards are secured



  • Bar coding and manual item coding
  • Quick search facilities for item searching
  • Item wise discounts & bill wise discounts(percentage or an amount)
  • Various payment methods per bill(cash, credit, credit card, cheque, gift vouchers, etc.)
  • Suspend/resume bills
  • Cancel or return bills
  • Customer orders
  • Advance payments
  • Delivery system
  • Cash IN/OUT facilities
  • Brief or detailed bill printing can be selected
  • Advance paymentsReal time gift voucher validation, sale & discard
  • Easy to use multi-pricing system
  • Cashier wise shift start & end
  • Accurate brief sales reports
  • Access restrictions by user rights
  • Simplified & interactive graphical user interfaces


  • Invoice reports
  • Stock reports
  • Sales analysis reports
  • Stock analysis reports
  • Customer list
  • Supplier list
  • Customer outstanding
  • Supplier outstanding
  • Payment details
  • Creditors statements
  • Operational PNL
  • Item wise PNL
  • Reorder levels can be set & automated reorder generation
  • Various reports of data analysis, charts, textual, etc.
  • Reports can be created on the request of the client
  • Ageing analysis
    • By customer
    • By supplier


  • Auto update the stock according to sales & gate passes
  • Create items, departments, categories, sub- categories, etc.
  • Automated id generation for all identifications
  • Automatic posting for transactions
  • Purchase orders
  • Supplier wise GRN
  • Add gate pass
  • Damage notes
  • Supplier returns
  • Rack wise stock
  • Ability to filter out inactive item codes from the running memory


  • Credit bill settling & credit notes
  • Daily expenses
  • Cash book and petty cash handling
  • Cash transfer
  • Supplier payments & debit notes


  • Cheques in hand
  • Available cheques
  • Written cheques
  • Forecasting reports
  • PD function


  • Vehicle loading
  • Vehicle unloading
  • Vehicle sales