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The North Western Province (NWP) of Sri Lanka has long been a hub of infrastructure development, thanks to the expertise of the NWP Engineering Department. Cyclomax International, a leader in IT solutions, partnered with the NWP Engineering Department in 2018 to develop a comprehensive open-source project aimed at transforming their supplier registration, procurement processes, project awarding, and more. This initiative marks a significant leap in the department’s operational efficiency and public transparency.

Empowering Engineering through Open-Source Technology

Established in 1989, the NWP Engineering Department serves as the premier engineering consultancy agency for construction, operations, and maintenance of buildings in the province. With a mission to provide top-tier consultancy services, the department leverages over two decades of experience in infrastructure development, making it a critical player in the region’s technical landscape.

Streamlining Operations with Advanced Solutions

Recognizing the need for modern, efficient processes, Cyclomax International developed an open-source system that automates several key functions within the NWP Engineering Department. The project, completed in 2018, introduced the following features::

Supplier Registration Management: An automated system for managing supplier registrations, ensuring streamlined and transparent processes.

Automated Procurement: A comprehensive procurement automation system that enhances efficiency and reduces manual intervention.

Project Awarding: A sophisticated project awarding system that ensures fair and efficient distribution of projects.

Website Design and Integration: A publicly accessible website designed to integrate seamlessly with the above systems, enhancing transparency and accessibility for stakeholders.

Recognizing Excellence in Engineering Services

The NWP Engineering Department is renowned for its consultancy services in planning, design, project management, and specialty services. It has earned the trust of both local and international organizations, including the International Development Association (IDA), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). By tapping into Cyclomax International’s expertise, the department has further cemented its reputation as a competent and reliable engineering consultancy agency.

Purpose and Objectives

As a provincial organization, the NWP Engineering Department aims to conduct a general business of consultancy management and specialty services for building project planning, investigation, survey, and consulting. The department also provides technical assistance in agricultural institutional and manpower development, among other specialty services.


The collaboration between Cyclomax International and the NWP Engineering Department highlights the transformative power of open-source technology in enhancing public sector operations. This project not only streamlined critical processes but also set a benchmark for transparency and efficiency in provincial engineering services. As we look to the future, such partnerships exemplify the potential of IT solutions to drive sustainable growth and innovation in public sector enterprises.

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