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In the fast-evolving landscape of digital transformation, Development Construction and Machinery Agency (DCMA) in Anuradhapura has taken significant strides to modernize its operations and enhance service delivery. Cyclomax International is proud to have partnered with DCMA to implement a comprehensive IT solution that integrates Vehicle Repair Workshop Management with additional services such as printing solutions, security services, and construction services for government entities. This article highlights the scope and impact of our project completed in 2023.

DCMA: A Multifaceted Institution

The primary business of DCMA is Vehicle Repair Workshop Management, providing essential repair services to government institutions. Established to support the development needs of Anuradhapura, DCMA has expanded its services to include industrial offset printing, security services, and construction services, ensuring a holistic approach to regional development.

Project Scope and Implementation

Cyclomax International’s IT solution for DCMA covers a wide range of modules designed to automate and optimize various business operations:

Vehicle Repair Workshop Management: The core module of the system focuses on registering jobs, estimating processes, purchase orders (PO), goods received notes (GRN), final invoicing, and item issuance vehicle-wise. This module ensures efficient tracking and management of all vehicle repair activities.

Vehicle Hiring Management: DCMA offers construction-related vehicles such as JCBs and backhoes for hire, with options to hire with or without drivers. The module includes full operational management to streamline the hiring process.

Printing Solutions: The IT solution integrates an industrial offset print shop management module, automating all aspects of the printing business. From job orders to final delivery, the system ensures smooth and efficient operations.

Security Services: DCMA’s security services are managed through a dedicated module that oversees personnel deployment, service scheduling, and incident reporting, enhancing the agency’s ability to provide reliable security solutions.

Construction Services: The IT solution includes modules for project management, resource allocation, and financial tracking for construction projects. This ensures that DCMA can efficiently handle government construction contracts with transparency and accountability.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of Cyclomax International’s IT solution has brought about significant improvements in DCMA’s operations:

Increased Efficiency: Automation of key processes has reduced manual errors and streamlined workflows, leading to faster turnaround times and improved service delivery.

Enhanced Transparency: Real-time access to information and comprehensive reporting capabilities have improved transparency and accountability in DCMA’s operations.

Cost Savings: Optimized resource management and process automation have resulted in cost savings, contributing to the agency’s financial sustainability.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced efficiency and transparency have led to higher customer satisfaction, reinforcing DCMA’s reputation as a reliable service provider.


Cyclomax International’s partnership with DCMA in Anuradhapura underscores our commitment to driving digital transformation in the public sector. By implementing a comprehensive IT solution tailored to DCMA’s diverse needs, we have enabled the agency to enhance its operational efficiency, service delivery, and overall impact on regional development. This project serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in achieving organizational excellence.

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