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Here we are victoriously announcing that the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (North – western province) has selected Cyclomax International (PVT) Ltd as their main IT partner to develop their total operation system. It facilitates them to handle all operations which are proceeding in the projects.

National Water Supply and Drainage Board (North – Western Province) was established in year 2008. Since then, they are providing sustainable water and sanitation solutions in the North-western province ensuring total user satisfaction.Also, North Western Province National Water Supply and Drainage Board is a state-of-the-art team with a dedicated training team for water supply in the North Western Province (Kurunegala, Puttalam districts). They work on water supply systems and regulate the supply of supplies throughout the region, and they perform the following tasks.

•The Work related Local Capital Budget Projects are done
by the Planning & Design Division.
•Preparation and coordinating the Large Scale Foreign
Funded Projects are done by the Sector Planning
•Rehabilitation and Augmentation of Existing Water Supply
Schemes are carried out by O&M Division.
•The Construction Work related Local Capital Budget
Projects are supervised by the Construction Division.
•Billing and Revenue Collection are done by Commercial
Section under Manager (O&M).
•E&M Division for E&M Works Design and Construction

The system includes:
•Government Registered Contractors Management Process
•Bonds, Guarantees and Insurance Management Process
•Automated Bill Payment Process
•Mail Handling System
•Automated Internal Staff Registration and Documentation
•Budget Planning System
•Automated Billing Process for Awarded Contractors
•Automated Budget Handling Process
•Automated Tender Handling Process
•Automated Summary Report System (Division Wise Month summary, Total
Month summary, Designation Wise Report, Branch Wise Report)



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