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In a significant move to promote organic farming and sustainable agricultural practices, the Sri Lanka Agriculture Department launched the Agri-Fresh project. This initiative aims to establish organic product outlets island-wide, providing a platform for organic farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers. Cyclomax International is proud to have played a pivotal role in this project by automating the point of sales (POS) system for these outlets. This article highlights our involvement and the impact of our contribution to the Agri-Fresh project, completed in 2023.

Agri-Fresh: A Vision for Sustainable Agriculture

The Agri-Fresh project is a strategic initiative by the Sri Lanka Agriculture Department to promote organic farming and ensure the availability of organic products across the country. By establishing organic product outlets, the project aims to:

Promote Organic Farming: Encourage farmers to adopt organic farming practices, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and promoting environmental sustainability.

Support Farmers: Provide a reliable platform for organic farmers to market their produce, ensuring fair prices and reducing intermediaries.

Increase Consumer Awareness: Educate consumers about the benefits of organic products, fostering a healthier lifestyle and supporting sustainable agriculture.

Cyclomax's Role in Agri-Fresh

To support the Agri-Fresh initiative, Cyclomax International developed and deployed a comprehensive Point of Sales (POS) system tailored to the needs of organic product outlets. The POS system was designed to streamline sales operations, enhance inventory management, and improve customer service across all Agri-Fresh outlets.

Key Features of the POS System

User-Friendly Interface: The POS system features an intuitive interface, making it easy for staff to operate and manage sales transactions efficiently.

Inventory Management: The system includes robust inventory management capabilities, allowing outlets to track stock levels, manage orders, and reduce waste.

Sales Reporting: Real-time sales reporting provides valuable insights into sales trends, helping outlet managers make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Customer Management: The POS system supports customer loyalty programs, enabling outlets to build strong relationships with their customers and encourage repeat business.

Multi-Outlet Support: Designed to support multiple outlets, the system ensures seamless integration and data synchronization across all Agri-Fresh locations.

Impact of the POS System

The deployment of Cyclomax’s POS system has had a significant positive impact on the Agri-Fresh project:

Enhanced Efficiency: The automated POS system has streamlined sales operations, reducing manual errors and speeding up transactions.

Improved Inventory Control: With real-time inventory tracking, outlets can manage stock levels more effectively, reducing waste and ensuring product availability.

Data-Driven Decisions: Comprehensive sales reports and analytics enable outlet managers to make informed decisions, optimizing sales strategies and inventory management.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: A user-friendly interface and efficient transaction process have enhanced the shopping experience for customers, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.


Cyclomax International’s contribution to the Agri-Fresh project exemplifies our commitment to supporting sustainable agricultural practices and promoting organic farming in Sri Lanka. By automating the point of sales system for Agri-Fresh outlets, we have empowered the Sri Lanka Agriculture Department to enhance operational efficiency, support organic farmers, and promote a healthier lifestyle for consumers. This project underscores the transformative power of technology in advancing sustainable agriculture and fostering economic growth.

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