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In the heart of Sri Lanka’s North Western Province (NWP), the Provincial Department of Health Services plays a pivotal role in delivering essential healthcare to communities. Cyclomax International, renowned for its innovative IT solutions, partnered with the Department to pioneer a transformative open-source project aimed at enhancing connectivity and communication across health service institutes.

Empowering Healthcare through Multilingual Technology

The Provincial Department of Health Services of NWP, headquartered in Kurunegala, oversees a network of healthcare institutions and field clinics dedicated to providing curative and preventive care. Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of the province, Cyclomax International ensured that their open-source solution supports English, Sinhala, and Tamil languages.

Establishing Secure Communication Channels

Cyclomax’s open-source solution established a robust internal communication platform accessible to all health service institutes within the province. Hosted on, this platform ensures secure and efficient communication channels for staff members in their preferred language, facilitating real-time updates, secure data exchange, and public announcements.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

By connecting over 145 healthcare institutions, including Teaching Hospital Kurunegala and District General Hospital Chilaw, Cyclomax’s solution enables seamless coordination of curative and preventive care services across linguistic barriers. The integration of 33 Medical Officer of Health offices and 439 field clinic centers further enhances the province’s capacity in public health management.

Supporting Public Health Campaigns

In addition to day-to-day operations, Cyclomax’s solution supports specialized public health campaigns such as antimalaria, rabies control, antifilaria, tuberculosis and chest disease control, and sexual transmitted infection prevention programs. These campaigns are crucial in preventing communicable diseases and promoting community health across the province.

Impact and Future Prospects

Since its implementation in 2014, Cyclomax’s open-source project has significantly improved operational efficiency and communication within the Department of Health Services of NWP. The initiative underscores Cyclomax’s commitment to leveraging technology for social good and enhancing healthcare delivery in Sri Lanka.


The collaboration between Cyclomax International and the Department of Health Services of NWP exemplifies the transformative power of multilingual open-source technology in public sector innovation. As we look towards the future, this partnership sets a precedent for leveraging IT solutions to build resilient healthcare systems and improve community health outcomes in Sri Lanka.

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